Revel in Nature: standing on tree trunk

29 Apr 2020

Revel in Nature

As we find ourselves more isolated - either looking after our own health or staying at home to help others - we take an 'elementary' look at nature and remind ourselves of what it has to offer.

In the midst of this turmoil, now is the time to think about what remains constant in our lives. The sun still comes up in the morning and goes down at night, the tide goes in and out and the good old British weather continues to surprise us on a daily basis.


Remind yourself of the glorious natural spectacles that are sunrise and sunset. If you are an early bird, check the forecast and if it looks like there is no cloud, set an alarm. If you can’t get out to a good viewpoint, you’ll be able to see it from your own home, depending on which way your windows face. Even if you live in a built up area, you can still watch the sun rise or set over the buildings around you.

Remember that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. If you are venturing out, don’t go too far off the beaten
track to view the sunset as it will soon get dark afterwards. Look online for sunrise and sunset times.


Research has shown that living near the sea improves mental health and wellbeing, leading to the expression 'Vitamin Sea.' Even if you aren’t lucky enough to have easy access to the UK coastline, a stroll by a river, canal or pond – observing social distancing rules – can make you feel better. If you can’t get out, you can find apps that offer relaxing water sounds like the ebb and flow of the tide, waterfalls in full flow, babbling brooks and even rainfall. Just search Water Sounds on your app store.



Spring is an ideal month to watch the world around us come back to life following the winter months. Daffodils, with their hardy vibrant yellow heads and luscious green stems, always herald the beginning of spring. If you can get outside, take time to look around you and see what is beginning to grow in hedgerows, verges or open spaces close to home when you go for your exercise session. If you are self isolating and someone is bringing you your groceries, why not treat yourself and add a bunch of daffodils or a small houseplant to your list. This will brighten up your kitchen table or sideboard and bring a little sunshine into your home. If you are shopping for someone in isolation and can afford it, add something like a bunch of daffodils to their order.


On a clear night, wherever you are, look up at the stars. City dwellers get as high up as you can safely – a loft window, the windows of upper-storey flats or an open space (especially those further away from the centre) can work well as vantage points.To appreciate space from home, NASA has a helpful free app with information about the galaxy and the free SkyView Lite app helps you find and identify stars and planets as well as satellites passing by.


Don’t forget that the birds give us a dawn chorus every day – you might just have to get up a bit earlier to hear it.
As always, nature can be unpredictable. Remember to stay safe, keep warm and let someone know where you are going.

Crosby Beach


  • Grab your camera.- you’ll have memories of the sunset or wildlife forever
  • Record birdsong and play it for relaxation
  • Make a video – maybe on slo-mo so you get the full effect
  • Draw what you see and pin it on your wall
  • Make a bug house from dead branches and leaves in your garden.

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