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About Us

Who are we?

MC Magazine is the quarterly publication from Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust. Our 36 page Sunday supplement style publication aims to challenge stigma and create empathy through compelling and thought provoking real life features, striking images and imaginative design.

We take topical issues around health and explain so that even those people with little interest in the subject can gain a better understanding. The magazine gives human insight to conditions that may get a ‘bad press’ - psychosis, refugees, hearing voices – using people with powerful stories to smash stereotypical perceptions. Trusted sources or help and advice are in there for people affected by an issue.

Mersey Care is a founding member of the national Zero Suicide Alliance and co-developed the online training package to equip people to talk to someone they think may be contemplating suicide. The magazine tirelessly campaigns for both this and our Big Brew campaign to talk over a cuppa.

Get involved

If you have an idea for a feature, or would like us to cover a topic, get in touch:

email communications@merseycare.nhs.uk

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“It is very people focused rather than disease focused so it makes things more real…”

 “Each edition is always topical and timely…”

“Love the positive stories about real people and there’s always something mindful in there that benefits me...”